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1 I Am Me (Ashlee Simpson)
2 I Am Not a Human Being (Lil Wayne)
3 I Am the Club Rocker (Inna)
4 I Am... Sasha Fierce (Beyoncé)
5 I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (My Chemical Romance)
6 I Created Disco (Calvin Harris)
7 I Got Next (KRS-ONE)
8 I Gotta Make It (Trey Songz)
9 I Look To You (Whitney Houston )
10 I Love You (The Neighbourhood)
11 I Remember Yesterday (Donna Summer)
12 I'm A Rebel (Accept)
13 I'm breathless (Madonna)
14 I'm Not Dead (Pink)
15 I'm Sorry... (EP) (The Neighbourhood)
16 I'm with you (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
17 I'm Your Man (Leonard Cohen )
18 I'ts About Time (Jonas Brothers)
19 I've Been Expecting You (Robbie Williams)
21 Iced Earth (Iced Earth)
22 Ich + Ich (Ich und Ich)
23 Icon (No Doubt)
24 Icona Pop (Icona Pop)
25 Iconic - EP (Icona Pop feat Charli XCX)
26 Iconos (Marc Anthony)
27 Identified (Vanessa Anne Hudgens)
28 Identity (Cypecore)
29 iDon (Don Omar)
30 If Not For You (Olivia Newton-John)
31 If On A Winter's Night (Sting)
32 If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears (The Mamas and The Papas)
33 If You Were (Katie Melua)
34 If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack (Sleeping with Sirens)
35 Ignition (The Offspring)
36 II (Billy Talent)
37 III (Billy Talent)
38 III (Temples of Boom) (Cypress Hill)
39 Il Divo (Il Divo)
40 Il Meglio Dei Santo California 1994 (I Santo California)
41 Il mondo cambierà (Gianni Morandi)
42 Il mondo di frutta candita (Gianni Morandi)
43 Il Volo (Il Volo)
44 Il Volo (Spanish version) (Il Volo)
45 Ill Manors (Plan B)
46 Illuminate (Shawn Mendes)
48 Illusions On A Double Dimple (Triumvirat)
49 Im Not Dead (Pink)
50 IM the Supervisor (Infected Mushroom)
51 Imagine (Armin van Buuren)
52 Imagine Dragons (EP) (Imagine Dragons)
53 Imaginearium (Nightwish)
54 Imma Be Down With Fireflies Baby (Dave Days)
55 Immagine italiana (Gianni Morandi)
56 Immer in Bewegung (Revolverheld)
57 Immersion (Pendulum)
58 Immortal (Pyramaze)
59 Immortalized (Disturbed)
60 Imperfect Harmonies (Serj Tankian)
61 Impossible (EP) (James Arthur)
62 In a World Like This (Backstreet Boys)
63 In Case You Didn't Know (Olly Murs)
64 In certi momenti (Eros Ramazzotti)
65 In Color EP (The summer set)
66 In Concert (Deep Purple)
67 In Control (US5)
68 In Control Reloaded (US5)
69 In darkness and in light (The Maine)
70 In Farbe (Revolverheld)
71 In medias res (Krypteria)
72 In My Mind (Pharrell Williams)
73 In My Own Words (Ne-Yo)
74 In My Tribe (10.000 Maniacs)
75 In My Veins (Andrew Belle)
76 In ogni senso (Eros Ramazzotti)
77 In Rainbows (Radiohead)
78 In sorte diaboli (Dimmu Borgir)
79 In Technicolor (Jesse McCartney)
80 In The Ayer (Flo Rida)
81 In the Court of the Crimson King (King Crimson)
82 In The Flesh - Live Disc 1. (Roger Waters)
83 In The Flesh - Live Disc 2. (Roger Waters)
84 In The Garden Of Venus - The 6th Album (Modern Talking)
85 In The Middle Of Nowhere - The 4th Album (Modern Talking)
86 In The Wake Of Poseidon (King Crimson)
87 In This Light and on This Evening (Editors)
88 In Trance (Scorpions)
89 In Utero (Nirvana)
90 In Waves (Trivium)
91 In Your Face (Children of Bodom)
92 In Your Honor (Foo Fighters)
93 Incomparable (Dead by April)
94 Indestructible (Disturbed)
95 Indestuctible (Disturbed)
96 India (Xandria)
97 Individual Thought Patterns (Death)
98 Inevitabil va fi bine (Andra)
99 INFAMOUS (Motionless In White)
100 Infected (Hammerfall)
101 Infinite (Eminem)
102 Infinite Arms (Band of Horses)
103 Infinity (Against The Current)
104 Infinity Land (Biffy Clyro)
105 Infinity on High (Fall Out Boy )
106 Inhuman Rampage (Dragonforce)
107 Inna (Inna)
108 Innocence & Instinct (Red)
109 Innocent (Cypecore)
110 Innocent Sorrow (Abingdon boys school)
111 Innocent Victim (Uriah Heep)
112 Innuendo (Queen)
113 Inochi no Ki (Girugamesh)
114 Inshalla (Eskimo Joe)
115 Inside (Eloy)
116 Insomniac (Green Day)
117 Insomniatic (Aly & Aj)
118 Intense (Armin van Buuren)
119 Intensive Care (Robbie Williams)
120 International Superhits! (Green Day)
121 Interview Disc & Fully Illustrated Book (Pink Floyd)
122 Into (The Rasmus)
123 Into the Fire (Bryan Adams)
124 Into The Rush (Aly & Aj)
125 Into the Wild (Eddie Vedder)
126 Intoxication (Shaggy )
127 Introspective (Pet Shop Boys)
128 Invaders Must Die (The Prodigy)
129 Invincible (Michael Jackson)
130 Invisible Circles (After Forever)
131 Iowa (SlipKnot)
132 Ire (Parkway Drive)
133 Iron (Ensiferum)
134 Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden)
135 Is There Anybody Out There? (The Wall Live 1980-81) (Pink Floyd)
136 Islands (King Crimson)
137 Isolation (Toto)
138 Issues (Korn)
139 It Ain't Over (Down low)
140 It B1A4 (B1A4)
141 It Won't Be Soon Before Long (Maroon 5 )
142 It's About Time (Jonas Brothers)
143 It's Always the Innocent Ones (Candice Accola)
144 It's Blitz! (Yeah yeah yeahs)
145 It's Dark and Hell Is Hot (Dmx)
146 It's Time (EP) (Imagine Dragons)
147 iTunes Session (EP) (Imagine Dragons)
148 IV (The 1975)
149 Iz On (Söhne Mannheims)

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