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'O' kezdőbetűs albumok (129 album)
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1 O (Damien Rice)
2 O (Damien Rice)
3 o Drive The Cold Winter Away (Loreena Mckennitt)
4 O!RUL8,2? (BTS)
5 Oasis (Roberta Flack)
6 Obispo (Pascal Obispo )
7 Objection Overruled (Accept)
8 Obscured By Clouds (Pink Floyd)
9 Occulte persuasioni (Patty Pravo)
10 Ocean (Eloy)
11 Ocean 2 - The Answer (Eloy)
12 Oceanborn (Nightwish)
13 Oceans Of Fantasy (Boney M.)
14 October Rust (Type O Negative)
15 Odds And Ends (VA)
16 Odes (Irene Papas)
17 Odyssey (Yngwie J. Malmsteen )
18 Of Beauty and Rage (Red)
19 Of Mice & Men (Of Mice& Men)
20 OFF THE RECORD (Karl Bartos)
21 Off the Wall (Michael Jackson)
22 Oh Mercy (Bob Dylan)
23 Oh My My (OneRepublic )
24 Oh, You Beautiful Doll (Mel Tormé)
25 Oi! Anthems (Azteca)
26 Oi! Streets DEMO 1991 (Azteca)
27 Oida Taunz! (Trackshittaz)
28 OK Computer (Radiohead)
29 Old Friends From Young Years (Papa Roach)
30 Old Loves Die Hard (Triumvirat)
31 Old New Ballads Blues (Gary Moore)
32 Old New Borrowed and Blue (Slade)
33 Old Parade (Gianni Morandi)
34 Older (George Michael)
35 Olio (Mina)
36 Olivia Newton-John (Olivia Newton-John)
37 Olly Murs (Olly Murs)
38 Oltre l'Eden... (Patty Pravo)
39 Oltre la collina (Mia Martini)
40 Olympia 67 (Dalida)
41 Olympia 71 (Live) (Dalida)
42 Olympia 74 (Live) (Dalida)
43 Olympia 77 (live) (Dalida)
44 Olympia 81 (Live) (Dalida)
45 Omertá (Adrenaline Mob)
46 On a Day Like Today (Bryan Adams)
47 On How Life Is (Macy Gray)
48 On My One (Jake Bugg)
49 On Ne Change Pas (Celine Dion)
50 On Stage (Chuck Berry)
51 On The 6 (Jennifer Lopez)
52 On The Beach (Chris Rea)
53 On The Road (Traffic)
54 On The Way To Wonderland (Sunrise Avenue)
55 On Tour Now (Guns N' Roses)
56 On Your Radar (The Saturdays)
57 On your side (A Rocket To The Moon)
58 Once (Nightwish)
59 Once Again (John Legend)
60 Once in a red moon (Secret Garden)
61 Once Only Imagined (The Agonist)
63 One (Patrice)
64 One by One (Foo Fighters)
65 ONE CELL IN THE SEA (A Fine Frenzy)
66 One Day Remains (Alter Bridge)
67 One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours (Fightstar)
68 One Dozen Berrys (Chuck Berry)
69 One Heart (Celine Dion)
70 One Hot Minute (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
71 One in a million (Bosson)
72 One in a Million (Aaliyah)
73 One Love (Blue)
74 One More From The Road (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
75 One More Go Round (Giorgia)
76 One of the Boys (Katy Perry)
77 One Shot (B.A.P)
78 One Take EP (Ed Sheeran)
79 One Touch (Sugababes)
80 One Voice (Barbra Streisand)
81 One Way Ticket To Hell ...And Back (The Darkness)
82 One Wish (The Holiday Album) (Whitney Houston )
83 One Year (Nils Bech)
84 One-X (Three Days Grace)
85 Only 17 (Meghan Trainor)
86 Only by the Night (Kings Of Leon)
87 Only Human (Cheryl Cole)
88 Only Inhuman (Sonic Syndicate)
89 Only Love Remains (JJ Heller)
90 Only myself (Key.C.)
91 Only One Flo (Part 1.) (Flo Rida)
92 Only One Rida (Part 2.) (Flo Rida)
93 Only Revolutions (Biffy Clyro)
94 OnlySee (Sia)
95 Oops!...I Did It Again (Britney Spears)
96 Open Road (Gary Barlow)
97 Open Up And Say ...Ahh! (Poison)
98 Opposites (Biffy Clyro)
99 Ora (Rita Ora)
100 Oracular Spectacular (MGMT)

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