Blink-182 - Depends video

Blink-182 - Cheshire Cat
Előadó: Blink-182
Album: Cheshire Cat
Megjelenés: 1995
Hossz: 2:48
Szövegírók: Mark Hoppus
Tom DeLonge
Zeneszerzők: Keressük a zeneszerzőt!
Kiadó: Keressük!
Stílus: Punk Rock, Pop Punk
Címkék: Keressük!
Megtekintve: Ma 1, összesen 438 alkalommal


Kovacs Matyi

Pontszám: 570


1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4

[Verse 1]
I don't want to urinate on myself
I don't want to urinate on anyone else
Well, I guess that really doesn't matter anymore
Because I can't control my bladder anymore

Well, I guess it all depends (undergarments)
Well, I guess it all depends (undergarments)

Step back in the light
No more soiled nights alone
But I guess I don't have a care
Because there's not a load in my underwear

[Verse 2]
I'm sick of offending everyone I meet (go, go, go, go)
I'm sick of crying myself to sleep on rubber sheets (go)
I had an accident today
I left a soil on a bus seat, I didn't know what to say

Well, I guess it all depends (undergarments)
Well, I guess it all depends (undergarments)


Tom: anyway....Well as I was dog, nice dog bending over.

Mark: If you dropped your keys you'd bend over too.

Tom: Well I just wanted to say I thank you all for coming to the sperm bank. Do you have a question there?

Mark(says it really fast and in with a Mexican accent): Shit, Scott that ocky? mofo messing with my old lady got to be running cold upside down his head, you know what I'm sayin' man?
Hey holmes, I can dig it. That brother ain't a picking up on you(?).
I see A. Scott. So did I say what I want to say(?)
Pretty Jay I did the same old same old.
Hey knock yourself a post slit the grey matter of fact.
While the mofo was down I take TCB and man.
Hey, you know what they say you see the broad that gets that booty backin' you lay her down and SLACK EM' JACK EM'.
Cold got you B, you know man? SHIT!

Tom: Uh. Are you a feeling alright?

Mark: Oh man ja mofo better lay me to the bone, she jackin' me up tightly.

Mark: Alright get out the scissors and get in place. Ready? Now start chompin'.

Tom: Hey man Someone spot me it's heavy.

Mark: Alright now, heve it on down here.

(*Falling down stairs sounds*)

Tom: Okay it's all the way down there.

Mark: Ahh. Who taught you how to throw the dick down the stairs?

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