Snowgoons - Goons stampede

Album: nincs kép
Előadó: Snowgoons
Album: Keressük!
Szövegírók: Keressük a szövegírót!
Zeneszerzők: Keressük a zeneszerzőt!
Kiadó: Keressük!
Stílus: Keressük!
Címkék: Keressük!
Megtekintve: Ma 1, összesen 955 alkalommal



Pontszám: 73


[Verse 1]

Stepping off a cloud, I’m coming out the smoke fumes
My soldiers march, if you didn’t know you’ll know soon
Big Luger big bang Calico tunes
From the California sun but I’m down with Snowgoons
Official Boombap rowdy show tunes
Dr. Green Thumb makes the medicine grow bloom
Consume maps, planets, snacks, intergalactic rap
Y’all rhyme words but it’s really a nap
I’m foolish with a knife, silly with an axe
Stupid with a sword, you should really relax
Flying guillotine apt to put your grill in your lap
But I’m trying my best to avoid ?
So it’s top shelf double shot sip it wicked
Rakaa’s on the way now get that ticket
Golden State concert, straight instant mix it
Instructions are the simplest, just add liquid


Aww shit
It’s a Snowgoons stampede
What up what up
It’s a Snowgoons stampede
We jump out of the Trojan Horse, bring you that heat
Fucking Goons stampede

[Verse 2]

Snowgoons storm out like a hazardous blizzard
Attacking the blisters, removing unscratchable itches
We’re misplaced like a monogamous cock in an orgy
Bury rappers, piss on their graves
What you fuckers thought it was forty?
I spit with massive aggression, crap on discretion
Faggots are wetted to leaving the fucking masses infected
A dramatic regression, these maggots get shredded
They make me so sick in the head my shrink need a shrink after the session
Fucking rappers is ass and plastic ? screams
Trying to get hooked to the hooks like ?
All these chip-making faggots are trapped in the hit machine
I’ll be smashing every track in my path into smithereens
These new musical tumors that will spread
Wouldn’t get me hard if I was fucking Medusa in the head
Hold the torch in these dark ages
Thousands of vocal chords make a ?
Soon as the goons jump out of the Trojan Horse

[Chorus x 2]

[Verse 3]

? hand him the Ritalin, sinister spit
Technician, key in ignition, swerving and ?
Picture perfect paragraphs, grab the axe, chop their skull
Hannibal-like cannibal type yell out quick fast
Head blasts off like NASA
My mental in a fast car, speed driven lyricism pass off
Before I pass out, go blue, black out
Snowgoons mad clout rap route
I took to kill any in my vicinity, enemy, friend of me
Family member, preacher, pastor my tongue will speak or blast ya
Which one, ether? Acid?
Should I feed you bastards?
What you need for rappers? Rap steady classics
Show off as if my shit ? my spit
Taking off cockpit systems so the ? solar system
Who had ? mission
Beheading your force for sport, Trojan Horse
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