Black Attack - Heartless

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Előadó: Black Attack
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Mr Heartless

Pontszám: 15


Check it, check it now
Come on

The real game
Sex with little kids
Word is out
That it's good for the biz (business)
Demand is high
Supply is low
You need mo sex and got no mo hos
Where do you go?
Down to the corner store
You need more loot
Got your bow for
Little girl who don't know no better
You don't give a shit you only focused on the cheddar

Money makes a nigga do crazy things
Tust drug em out on cocaine
Taught em hive of slang
The booty back and forth like a prostitutes
12 years old and the knocking the boots
Like professionals who to be profitable
Took em from the playground Made em top notch hos
Broke em off some crumbs
Relieved em like drums
Had em begging like bums cause ya wouldn't give em none

We are livin in darkness
In a world do heartless
We are livin in blindness, in blindness yeah
We are livin in darkness
No matter where you�re from
No matter how ya come
Cross the wrong path then you will get done

Ain't no love just pain
No sun only rain
Had a big effect on a young brother's brain
It's time ton initiate
No place to be
Figure in order to get up Ya got come straight
to the niggas
And pass the test
Ya gotta show those mother fuckers that you're heartless
Slap the clip in the nine
Ya jump in the ride
Headed straight down for McCartha drive

Ya pull-ups low
Hit the lights down low
Hopin ya don't see nobody ya know
Not knowing what to do to impress the crew
Ya see a little old lady about 62
Bla, bla blasted that ass
The bitch is inder the ground
Ya put your foot to the gas
And haul ass
Straight up to seem
Crass pitchin hard with a gangster Lee


At the age of 21
A criminal at it�s peak
Just walkin down the street still is trouble I see
Gramblin, girls, go
It's all for fun
Got my boy AC to do a small run
Dreaming of vice
Cold-blooded and nice
You may see me once, but never twice
Wait a minute
This ain't no dream
It's the heartless life
Floor it
And it's all about the dream

Do what I mean and mean what I say
But don't try to be like no toy
cause Im not for play
And if it's trouble you see
Then see used for fine
Death in a twine
With a criminal mind
Thugs and drugs
And niggas who take slugs
Me and state colder than a bug in a rug
The things I do and the things I say
Make it hard on me
To live another day

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