Bruce Springsteen - The Hitter video

Bruce Springsteen - Devils & Dust
Előadó: Bruce Springsteen
Album: Devils & Dust
Megjelenés: 2005
Hossz: Keressük!
Szövegírók: Bruce Springsteen
Zeneszerzők: Bruce Springsteen
Kiadó: SonyBMG
Stílus: Folk
Címkék: Keressük!
Megtekintve: Ma 1, összesen 883 alkalommal




Pontszám: -


Come to the door, Ma,
and unlock the chain
I was just passin' through
and got caught in the rain
There's nothin' I want,
nothin' that you need say
Just let me lie down for a while
and then I'll be on my way

I was no more than a kid
when you put me on the Southern Queen
With the police
on my back I fled to New Orleans
I fought in the dockyards
and with the money that I made
And the fight was my home
and any blood was my trade

Baton Rouge, Ponchatoula,
and La Fayette town
Well they paid me the moon,
Ma, to knock the men down
I did what I did, when it come easily
Restraint and mercy
were always strangers to me

I fought champion Jack Thompson
in a field full of mud
Rain poured through the tent to the canvas
and mixed with our blood
In the twelfth,
I slipped my tongue over my broken jaw
And I stood over him,
pounded his blooded body into the floor

Well the bell rang and rang,
still I kept on
'Til I felt my glove leather slip
'tween his skin and bone
And the women and the money came fast,
in the days I lost track
The women red, the money green,
but the numbers were black
I fought for the men in their silk suits
to lay down their bets
Well I took my good share,
Ma, and I had no regret

I took the fixed staid hombre
with Big Diamond Don*
From high in the rafters
I watched myself fall
So he raised his arms,
my stomach twisted, and the sky it went black**
I stuffed my bag
with their good money, and I never looked back
Understand me, and Ma,
every man plays a game
If you know anyone different,
then speak out his name

Well Ma, if my voice,
now you don't recognize
And just open the door
and look into your dark eyes
I ask of you nothin',
not a kiss, not a smile
Just open the door
and let me lie down for a while

Now the grey rain is fallin'
and my ring fighting's done
So in the work fields and alleys,
I take them who'll come
If you're a better man
than me then just step to the line
And show me your money
and speak out your crime
There's nothin' I want,
Ma, nothin' that you need say
Just let me lie down for a while
and then I'll be on my way

Well tonight in the shipyard,
a man draws a circle in the dirt
Like I always do,
I move to the centre and I take off my shirt
I study him for the cuts, the scars,
the pain man no time can erase
I move hard to the left
and I strike to the face
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