Theory of a deadman - Blow video

Album: nincs kép
Előadó: Theory of a deadman
Album: Keressük!
Megtekintve: Ma 1, összesen 2614 alkalommal



Pontszám: 69


Sometimes it makes me wanna blow
my fucking head off
Sometimes it makes me think the world
has gone officially insane

Everything's a scandal
The news too hard to handle
The world is so unbearable like
wearing socks with sandals
I'm lover not a fighter respectable to women
I ain't Chris Brown I don't feel the need to hit 'em
It's sad to see a 12 year old acting like a little ho
Taking naked pictures while she's livin'
in her parents' home
Post 'em up on Twitter
It'd make you reconsider
Every time you go online to find a babysitter

Sometimes it makes me wanna blow
my fucking head off
Sometimes it makes me wanna go
a little mental
We celebrate the idiot
Pretend that we're so into it
Dumb down our intelligence
Just to make us relevant
Sometimes it makes me think the world
has gone officially insane

The lovable NRA,
they're totally to blame
The only people to actually
have a "give your kid a gun" day
The government's a joke,
a fuckin sinking boat
But hey, don't complain,
you're the one who cast the vote
Kanye West says rock is dead,
I guess he's off his meds again
He lost his mind,
about the time he got with that Kardashian
What happened to De Niro
Reality stars are heroes
It's the proof that our IQs
has finally dropped to zero

Sometimes it makes me wanna blow
my fucking head off
Sometimes it makes me wanna go
a little mental
We celebrate the idiot
Pretend that we're so into it
Dumb down our intelligence
Just to make us relevant
Sometimes it makes me think the world
has gone officially insane
Think the world has gone officially insane [x2]

And take the time to realize it's over
If you live to have some kids
they'll hate you when they're older
They'll dump you in a home,
to die there all alone
Finally you'll rest in peace
not like they'll ever know
But, don't listen to a word I say
cuz it don't really mean a thing
The world is full of hypocrites
and I'm the fucking king
It's not like I mean it
We're all in agreement,
As soon as you hear this freaking song
I'm sure you'll just delete it

Sometimes it makes me wanna blow
my fucking head off
Sometimes it makes me wanna go
a little mental
We celebrate the idiot
Pretend that we're so into it
Dumb down our intelligence
Just to make us relevant
Sometimes it makes me uhuh
Think the world has gone officially insane
(bout to blow my fucking head off) [x4]
Think the world has gone officially insane

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