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August 13th '91
The day my mum had so much fun
That was me 6 pounds, somewhere in Ohio
Shortly after we all moved
My mum, dad and sister too
To a little town in Pennsylvania

I went to pre-school every day
The kindergarten shortly came
That's about the time that I learned the f word

I met a girl
The first I ever liked
She liked me too
Yeah that felt nice
Turns out now she's a lesbian

My dad got me my first guitar
He showed me where the basic chords are
I played in my room all night long

It started getting harder to see
Arthur and Mega man on TV
So I went to the doctor and got glasses

It made me feel pretty insecure
They had two eyes and I had four
They would laugh and I would cry

Then my cousin showed me a band
That took me to another land
Damn you make music look so cool
Blink 182

So then I learned every song
I'd always have my headphones on
I would jump around my room
And pretend I was a rock star

6th grade I got contacts
Started a band and joined chorus class
Maybe now the girls will think I'm cool

We played at the talent show
And local venues down the road
I got a girlfriend and had my first kiss

I know that all sounds great
But people grow up and people changed
Before I knew that we could hardly get along

It's like I couldn't be myself
Held back by what others felt
High school why won't you go away?

That's about when I've had enough
It's about time to start giving a ****
I locked myself in my room and played all night

I began writing silly little songs
And made a video to go along
I didn't tell my friends or show anyone

Hell yeah
It felt great
This little website was my escape
A little world that I could call my own

My friend Chris started helping out
Soon enough the world found out
About these videos we put on YouTube

Kids at school thought my videos were dumb
We didn't care we were having fun
I went out and bought a car

High school was coming to a close
I didn't know what to do or where to go
But I ended up moving out to California

All my friends were going to college
I took a risk for real world knowledge
They all thought I was crazy

Now my hobby is a full time job
Just me and myself is all I got
I'm 3000 miles from home

But you gotta be strong and can't be afraid
I went out with Miley on a video date
Now the whole world things that I'm obsessed with her

Trust me there are nights when I'm lost
Where I over think negative thoughts
But you make me realize
That it's ok

Yeah I have learned that life ain't perfect
But when one fan's singing then it's all worth it
So sing it with me now

It's how I draw my life
I don't care what people say
I'm riding high in April
Shot down in May

But I know I gotta make that too
When I'm back on top, back on top in June

That's life and I can't deny it
I found a quitter maybe but my heart won't buy it

Just know I'll be there for you
When I'm back on top, back on top into

That's life
That's life
That's life
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