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Előadó: The Neighbourhood
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[Intro - DJ Drama:]
You know everything is in black and white
Like me for example, black dad, white mom
You know when TV first started it was in black and white
See the thing about me and Cannon
We love to do things first
So the first band to put out a mixtape
It would come from us

[Intro - Skeme:]
I can't be ridin' with a sucka nigga, nah uh-uh, no sir, can't do it
Can't see yourself, blunt bros no time sir, no sir, can't do it
Niggas in the game, all these niggas on the sidelines
Lookin' mad as hell bitch John Gru
Take my Nikes off [?] on my feet
Still wanna come and rap, let's do it

[Verse 1 - Skeme:]
Young nigga what your life like?
All my niggas ballin' round here
Reppin' players like a highlight
All my bitches out here lookin' like fine wine
All your bitches out here lookin' like fright night, yikes
20 thousand dollars on a Rollie, no ice
Know you can't afford it if you ask bout the price
See I been gettin' paid like all my damn life
But it ain't bout no money, you just don't live right

[Interlude - The Neighbourhood:]
Change all the talking
Change all the talk
Fuckin' with one true
I could change all your minds
I change in the day
I change in the night
I paint it all black and I paint it all white

[Verse 2 - OG Maco:]
Margiela to offset her
My money under this jacket
Versace boots for my sets
Can't dap me, I'm too dapper, damn
I mean I'm fleeker than the scamers on the damn ground
Vintage trans, strange X-men, last stand
And your last man shoppin' out my trash can
Recycle bin has been, damn how ya life been
Tell us how the lights been
Tell us how your night ends
Shit I don't fuck the groupie hoes or their hype friends
Benjamins take 'em in, call it a night's end
Smiling the whole damn time thinkin' nice win
I remember nights when, [?] friends was absent
Fueled by nothing but past shit now
It's packs of 100s, these niggas they done done it
You guessed just how they did it
They dumb it just so they near it
They payin' cause we amazing
Put a [?] in the Caymans
Now you don't know if I'm playing, that's a win right there
You tryna celebrate well that's some head right there
I'm tryna meditate, you put the gas in the air
And we don't give a fuck, throwin' money everywhere
Welcome to [?] we add on the X's damn

[Verse 3 - The Neighbourhood:]
I met a stranger yesterday
She said it would all just go away
And when she put her hands on me
I met a stranger yesterday
She said it would all just go away
And when she put her hands on me
It was gone, it was gone
It was gone gone gone, gone gone gone
Won't you go away, never comin' back
Won't you go away, never comin' back
Stranger gone today
Oh god, I can't believe I made this shit
This is for friends and family
This is for those that stand right by my side
Friends and family
This is the one they won't forget
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